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NEW Advanced & IMPROVED Connection Solutions for Industrial Fluids

ACTUAL PICTURES of SECO Push-in Fittings

Innovation and Improvement has been our top priority. We believe in “Adding VALUE to Our Customers’ Business”.  Over the years, while interacting with our diversified customer base and understanding their day to day challenges with their existing arrangements, It was observed that there were expectations of betterment among customers & we believed that there is always scope of improvement in the products & services that we offer to our valued customers.

With over 20 years of service & understanding of real pain-points of customers, We at SECO Pneumatics, have come out with some Specific IMPROVEMENTS which gives our SECO Push-in fittings an edge over other major brands & offers Highest Quality & Real Value to Our Customers.

Below Comparison Chart shows Advantages of SECO Push-in fittings over other major brands :

Other Major Brand Fittings SECO Push-in Fittings
LESS GAP between fitting body & release button – This doesn’t allow full pressing of
release button. Tube often gets stuck inside the fitting/doesn’t come out easily
when required. Hence, No
ease of operation.
MORE GAP between fitting body & release
button – This
Improved Feature allows full pressing of
release button by hand &
tube comes out easily from
fitting. Hence Ease of operation for instant connection & disconnection.
the fitting body – This does not allow
maximum insertion of tube inside
the fitting &
tube might come out at higher pressure/ result
in leakages. Hence, Less
efficiency of pneumatic systems.
inside the fitting body – This Improved Feature provides maximum insertion of tube inside the fitting (upto 20-25mm). Hence,
No leakages &
enhanced performance & efficiency of pneumatic systems.
TEETHS in the gripping ring – Less Teeths doesn’t provide proper gripping of tube
inside the fitting.
MORE TEETHS in the gripping ring – More
teeths provide optimum gripping of tube inside
the fitting.
NON-OPTIMIZED Dimensions – Big size
fittings are often
unsuitable for use in confined spaces & gives inferior appearance
& aesthetics to pneumatic circuits. Hence
No ease of installation/operation in tight areas.
OPTIMEZED DIMENSIONS – Compact design facilitates easy installations in confined spaces &
gives superior appearance & aesthetics to pneumatic circuits. Hence ease of installation &
operation in tight
areas also.
LIMITED Thread & Tube OD
Sizes – Available in limited thread sizes & tube OD sizes. Hence, less
versatility to serve the needs of
various types of industries.
WIDE RANGE of Thread &
Tube OD Sizes
– SECO  Push-in
fittings are available from M5 ~ 3/4” Threads and 4mm ~ 16mm Tube OD Sizes. Hence More Versatility to
serve variety of industries for various applications.

Working Principle & Advanced Features :

Our SECO Push-in fittings optimize distribution and control of various fluids such as compressed air, liquids, gas etc. with its improved features. SECO Push-in fittings has been specially designed and modified for efficient distribution of various fluids using a simple & broadly proven operating principle of instant connection & disconnection. SECO Push-in fittings, with its improved features, has time & again proved as No. 1 Choice of wide variety of industries for fluid distribution & automation needs.

ACTUAL PICTURES of SECO Push-in Fittings

Areas of Application :

Our experience & expertise are deployed in a variety of industrial sectors. SECO Push-in Fittings & other pneumatic products are used everywhere fluid control is required. We encourage local support and long term relationship with our valued customers through efficient network of our experienced technical engineers, dealers & business associates in order to provide hands on technical support and to offer our customers with wide range of products & solutions.

ACTUAL PICTURES of SECO Push-in Fittings

Global Reach :

With a vision to add value to our customer’s business through innovative & customized products and solutions backed by our contract manufacturing facilities and efficient distribution network in Asia & Europe, we are in a position to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

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ACTUAL PICTURES of SECO Push-in Fittings


WHY Choose SECO Push-in Fittings ?

How your investment in quality can get you increased efficiency &
productivity ? )

In today’s
competitive world where every enterprise is offering products &
services, the most obvious question is “What pain-point are you solving of your
customers ?” A pain-point is a problem, real
or perceived. Successful entrepreneurs offers Solutions through Innovative Improvements in their products & services
that Suits the Actual Needs of Customers.

Further, A defective part can cost the production loss which is much higher than the cost of all the connectors installed in a machine. Hence, It is highly important  to choose the right quality of the connectors and other components  for  your machines to avoid any kind of machine breakdown or production stoppage. Our SECO Connectors gives you peace of mind & safety of your employees & workplace. Therefore, investing in our high quality SECO Push-in fittings increases your productivity over the long term along with cost-effectiveness in order to achieve enhanced efficiency of your production system.

We are committed to “ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS”