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SECO Air Blow Gun

Description :

An Air Blow Gun is a device used for cleaning applications requiring compressed air. They are used for cleaning of dust particles,  debris, non-contact part cleaning & drying. It consists of a nozzle which facilitates easy insertion into restricted area also for easy & effective cleaning. Air blow guns are used in various manufacturing industries for wide range of applications.

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  • SECO Unique FISH shape design for excellent griping during low to high pressure cleaning applications.
  • 20% reduction in power consumption when used with SECO Recoil hoses + QRC’s + Fittings.
  • SECO Special body top spring insertion design with CAP to prevent dust entering gun body which reduces leakage upto 80%
  • 100mm Angled Nozzle for effective insertion into tight spaces for enhanced performance.
  • Recommended use at medium pressure for effective cleaning.
  • Compact size with good flow design characteristics.
  • High quality polymer body, Robust & light weight.
  • Brass threaded air inlet for leak proof connection.
  • Long nozzle facilitates easy & effective cleaning in confined spaces.
  • Air inlet connection size – 1/4″ BSP



Compatible Fluids  :-  Compressed Air

Pressure Range  :-  Vacuum to 10 bar   ( upto  145 PSI )

Ambient Temperature Range  :   0 to +60° C  ( 0  to  +140° F )

Body Material   :-  Polymer body with brass back thread connection

Air inlet connection size – 1/4″ BSP
Nozzle Length      :-  100 mm



Automotive & other assembly lines,
Cleaning chips / dust from machine tools,
Cleaning vehicles & parts at service stations
Automation / Instrumentation / Foundries
Automotive paint shops / Painting for part cleaning before painting.
Pressure die casting applications,
Injection moulding machines / Cooling of moulds.
Garment / Textiles machines cleaning.
Other general machines cleaning applications.