SECO Pneumatics

We at SECO Pneumatics, with over 20 years of experience & service to various industries, take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leaders in the field of Compressed Air Technology, serving the industry since 1998.

With a vision to “Add Value to Our Customers' Business” through innovative & customized products & solutions backed by our contract manufacturing facilities in Asia & Europe, We are in a position to serve our customers anywhere in the world. We focus on retaining our customers by maintaining a relationship with them so as to understand their actual needs and serve accordingly.

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In today’s competitive world where every enterprise is offering products & services, the most obvious question is “What pain-point are you solving of your customers ?” A pain-point is a problem, real or perceived. Successful entrepreneurs offer Solutions through Innovative Improvements in their products & services that Suits the Actual Needs of Customers.

We at SECO Pneumatics, after 20 years of service & understanding of real pain-points of customers, have come out with some Important Improvements which gives our SECO Push-in fittings an edge over other major brands & offers Highest Quality & Real Value to Our Customers.

Below Comparison Chart shows Advantages of SECO Push-in fittings over other major brands

Other Major Brand FittingsSECO Push-in Fittings
LESS GAP between fitting body & release button - This doesn’t allow full pressing of release button. Tube often gets stuck inside the fitting/doesn’t come out easily when required. Hence, No ease of operation.MORE GAP between fitting body & release button - This Improved Feature allows full pressing of release button by hand & tube comes out easily from fitting. Hence Ease of operation for instant connection & disconnection.
LESS DEPTH inside the fitting body - This does not allow maximum insertion of tube inside the fitting & tube might come out at higher pressure/ result in leakages. Hence, Less efficiency of pneumatic systemsMORE DEPTH inside the fitting body - This Improved Feature provides maximum insertion of tube inside the fitting (upto 20-25mm). Hence, No leakages & enhanced performance & efficiency of pneumatic systems
LESS TEETHS in the gripping ring - Less Teeths doesn’t provide proper gripping of tube inside the fitting.MORE TEETHS in the gripping ring - More teeths provide optimum gripping of tube inside the fitting
NON-OPTIMIZED Dimensions - Big size fittings are often unsuitable for use in confined spaces & gives inferior appearance & aesthetics to pneumatic circuits. Hence No ease of installation/operation in tight areas.OPTIMEZED DIMENSIONS - Compact design facilitates easy installations in confined spaces & gives superior appearance & aesthetics to pneumatic circuits. Hence ease of installation & operation in tight areas also
LIMITED Thread & Tube OD Sizes - Available in limited thread sizes & tube OD sizes. Hence, less versatility to serve the needs of various types of industries.WIDE RANGE of Thread & Tube OD Sizes - SECO Push-in fittings are available from M5 - 3/4” Threads & 4mm - 16mm Tube OD Sizes. Hence More Versatility to serve wide variety of industries for various applications.